Bronnie Ware an Australian Nurse worked in palliative care for many years. During her service she had a lot of deep conversations with her patients about their lives, dying wishes and regrets.

Through her discussions was born a book- The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying: A Life Transformed By The Dearly Departing.

From her detailed and touching accounts, here are the most common 5 regrets most people seem to have:

1. Not Being True To Themselves

Do you think the life you are living is to make those around you happy? Do you keep compromising with what you want? It was the highest regret of most people that they kept putting their dreams off till tomorrow. So take the first step towards your goal today!

2. Spending most of their time working

While it is important that you spend your life doing constructive things- don’t get so caught up in making money that you forget to live and enjoy yourself. One of the biggest regrets people have is not taking enough vacations and spending time with their family.

3. Being afraid to speak their mind

Life is too short to not be honest about your feelings. When you are not afraid of opening up, you will end up having deeper relationships with a lot of people. Facing up to your emotions also means cutting away a lot of toxic people from your life- helping you live healthier and happier.

4. Not keeping the people you love around themselves

In the last days of your life, Bonnie mentions people tend to go back to their old friends and family. When your life is done, it is not the money or wealth that will matter but the friends you leave behind to remember you. So keep your friends close to you, value them and let them know that they are important for you.

5. Not being happy

Happiness is a voluntary choice, despite everything you think. While there are going to be difficulties in life, at the end of the day happiness is a state of mind. You have to make the conscious choice of going after what makes you happy.

You have to learn how to walk away from things and people that make you upset.  The most common regret people have is that they didn’t fight hard enough for their own happiness.

Life is so short, live for those you love before it is too late.

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