Just like our individual vibrations, our planet too is vibrating at a high frequency. And those of us who are in sync with this energy are ready to ascend to the new earth. 

Here are 13 signs that show you are ready to make the change:

1. You have been seeing synchronicities a lot. Numbers like 11, 55 etc keep popping up in front of you, including your date of birth.

2. You have been able to bring to reality your desires easily because you have no problem in manifestations.

3. You have suddenly shifted to more organic foods, cutting down on Meats.

4. Your dreams have been more peaceful and a lot less nightmarish lately. This is because your subconscious is not plagued by fear now as it was before.

5. You are eager to learn the truth, even if it means you have to contradict your old belief system.You have accepted that awareness might bring to you some ugly truth and you have prepared yourself to face it.

6. You have become free from fear because you understand how it works.

7. You can see energies and people from other dimensions out of the blue.

8. There have been certain glitches in time lately. Or you might found yourself in a loop a lot, the feeling of Déjà Vu is suddenly a lot stronger and more frequent.

9. You have recently been noticing that you are a bit distant to those family members and friends who do not share your thoughts. You have moved to a higher vibration than them.

10. There are huge changes in your energy level from one day to the next.

11. You hear really high frequencies out of the blue.

12. You are suddenly filled with a longing to be home, and it doesn’t end when you are at your house.

13. You might find yourself capable of doing certain things you had never done before.

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