Ram Dass is one of America’s most loved spiritual leaders whose teachings and care for the sick have touched lives all over. He has inspired millions to strive for peace and beauty and to free themselves from the shackles.

You might be surprised to hear of people who are aware of more intense fields of perception that have managed to experience euphoria, ecstasy without any drugs or other act, and can describe them as just another human experience.

Do the mysteries of the spiritual self and depths of consciousness intrigue you? Are you a practitioner of meditation and yoga and are keen to know about the secrets of the Universe?

If you love the idea of enhancing your mind’s capacity and enlightening yourself then the Ecstatic States documentary is definitely a must-watch for you.

An 80 minute interview and documentary, it is loaded with information about the inner working of your mind and changes in perception. Here is a snippet:

It is very easy to comprehend as it is designed with 3D graphics and beautiful images of India to support his stories and make the learning process effective. Dass has clearly shown in the video the ways to unlock the full potential of human life.

Initially a psychology professor at Harvard, Dass (Dr. Richard Alpert), with Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley, inspired and influenced hundreds of people regarding enhanced states of consciousness and higher capacities of the mind.

Grounded in scientific research and rationally explained, Dass made sure that such essential human truth about life and knowledgeable experiences were made possible for everyone to learn and understand.

His research and discoveries are revolutionary and has changed the lives of countless folks around the world, opening the doors for further understanding of human mind, the psyche and full capacity of the consciousness.

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