All of us have seen the double helix DNA structure in science fairs, books and of course the internet.

All of us are familiar with the term DNA, though not many know that it is an acronym of deoxyribonucleic acid. Our DNA is like a computer chip which runs the entire software of our body.

DNAs are strands of protein which contain information about how our body functions. It is our DNA which teaches or instructs our cells, the most basic building block of our body.

Till now, it was believed that DNA consists of two strands or threads with numerous nucleotides on them. But recently there have been a lot of debates about the possibility of more than 2 strands.

There have been scientific proofs of the fact that humans can have 3 to 4 strands of DNA as well. It was observed in a baby a few years ago who was born with three strands of DNA. Some geneticists argue that we have the potential of having up to 12 strands.

And the variation in the number of strands is due to evolution. So does this mean that as we evolve as a species the information stored in our DNA matter will also increase to accommodate for that evolution?

It is possible that this added strand of DNA will make it possible for us to be more intuitive and aware. If we move from double to quadruple strands we might experience great advancement in matters of high intellect.

Adding to this scientific debate many spiritual leaders believe that this is the answer to the human race reaching a heightened level of consciousness and awareness like we have never experienced before.

This is because with increased DNA, we will be able to process and assimilate more information and we might finally get close to discovering spiritual secrets of the highest order. This might just be the next step in our natural ascension to truly becoming enlightened.

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