The Twin Flame is the most significant spiritual connect we share with another person, specifically, our twin flame. Our twin flame is the one person we share a soul with, split into two separate manifestations.

11:11 is a number with immense numerological significance as well, appearing as markers to guide us on our way, appearing at moments of high spiritual importance.

So, what does this number have to do with our twin-flame?

Spiritual Alarm

11:11 has a tendency to appear just before or during a person’s spiritual awakening, and transcendence into higher consciousness. Finding a twin-flame, being a similar spiritual event of significance, is greeted with this number on a spiritual level even before we meet them in the material world.

The Scales are Equal

The balance in the number 11:11 reflects newly discovered balance in a twin-flame relationship. In such cases, it can appear during or just after we spend time with our twin-flames.

It can symbolize the perfect twin flame bond, the ideal we’re all looking for. Often, this number pops up like milestones, on anniversaries or when a twin-flame relationship progresses to its next stage.

The Door to Being One

Usually considered a gateway between the third and fifth dimensions of consciousness, 11:11 is imperative for a Twin-Flame relationship which is manifested in the physical plane of living, though exists in a spiritual one.

When we are on the same spiritual par with our twin-flame, we unite into the single soul from which we had split into two. The numerically superior number is representative of this goal or process.

Mirror Images

Twin-flames though similar, are not one. They are complementary personalities, mirror images of each other. The symmetry of 11:11 is symbolic of this bond, and can be said to be the most definitive depiction of the twin-flame relationship expressed in mathematical terms.

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