We’ve all seen in movies or read in books that if we wish upon a shooting star, our wishes will definitely come true. Our parents also believe in this, which shows it’s been passed on through generations.

However it’s not really true. Our wishes won’t come true like that. However shooting stars do have important significations as they are considered message from the Universe.

So, what exactly does a shooting star represent?

We will soon realize a dream

Your encounter with a shooting star hints at the oncoming possibility of you realizing a dream. Any important project plan or anything that you’ve been working on or hoping to succeed in has a good chance of taking place successfully.

Carefully pay attention to the signs to understand what you need to do in order to make your dreams come true.

Spirit Contact

Often shooting stars can be messages from someone who has passed away. If we encounter a shooting star while thinking of someone dear, then a psychic connection is possible where the spirit may appear as a shooting star to fill us with warmth, hope and love.

When we think of a loved one, dead or alive, a psychic connection is established where we can ask them questions or seek comfort and reassurance from them.

A cosmic shove

Moreover a shooting star can direct you on the path of your spiritual journey by giving a cosmic shove.

When we were asked to wish upon a shooting star, it wasn’t because they were believed to come true but because the time limit of those few minutes helps us to decide on exactly what our heart wants.

In those few minutes, our heart’s true desire comes forth before our eyes, which goes on to help us in our spiritual journey.

This is the true essence and gift of a shooting star, it makes us realize our deepest wishes and desires and help us achieve them, within a few moments.

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