In numerology, the number 20 has a lot of significance. Fundamentally it stands for resilience, sympathy and social sensitivity.

Those who possess this number pick up emotions from the environment instinctively. They’re the ones who are the first to catch on if their friends or colleagues are having a tough time.

Since they’re more aware of their surroundings, they have a need to help everyone around them. They spend an inordinate amount of energy in bringing positivity and hope into others lives.

Since they are so sensitive to their surroundings, they also tend to be highly emotional. As they go through not just their own feelings, but that of everyone else as well they end up becoming emotionally mature at a really young age.

What does the Number 20 mean?

Few things move people with the number 20 as much as affection, kindness and intelligence. Shallow things hold little attachment for them and they always end up falling in love with a person who has an infinite capacity for kindness.

They don’t understand the concept of half-heartedness. They’re the all-or-nothing, love or hate, black or white kind of people.
They cannot function without love and affection, if they are in a relationship- their life will revolve around their partner’s.

They’re the kind of people who would pick spending time with their better halves rather than going after the glitz and glamour.
Despite this dependency, they know how to have healthy relationships because they’re understanding and not afraid of compromises.

The best thing about them is that they never take anyone for granted. They will be connected to their family and close ones and no matter how long the distance you will always have a good rapport with them.

They’re amazing as personal advisors. They will always be there for you, giving you encouragement and helping you live up to your potential. They hate seeing talent going to waste, and they’ll push you till you go live your dreams.

It takes them some time to take to a project, but once they do they get completely absorbed into it. They’re good with groups and teams, especially because they’re exceptionally inspiring workers.

They take some time to adjust to a group; familiarity doesn’t come easily to them. However, if, after rigorous contemplation they choose a team they’re steadfast and loyal to it till their last breath.

They’re the kind of team leaders who make everyone in the team feel good and involved. They exude confidence and are always willing to contribute more than their share.

The empathy a person with the number 20 instinctively feels often lands them in trouble. If at some point they fail to be there for people or give their best, the sense of guilt eats into them. The amount of performance pressure they have emotionally ends up making them doubt themselves. They end up distancing themselves from those they care about, thereby inflicting pain upon themselves.

They really are their worst enemies, but with the right sort of people around, they make the best of partners and friends.

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