Twin flames have the same kind of energy within them and so when they meet in the material world, the two energies get synchronized, creating a magnetic exchange.

Initially, when the twin flames are still dominated by self-ego and haven’t yet resolved their personality issues, the process of energy exchange remains rocky. Only through reaching a balance and peace can they successfully transfer their energies. Transferring negativity instead will lead to disasters.

We are surrounded by energy that flows into our bodies at all times, making us feel things. Being near evil, manipulative people will only result in anger and ill behavior. Twin flames can unite only when their spiritual fields are cleansed of such evil energies.

To get rid of such negative aspects of our spirituality, we should practice kindness to others. Be generous and caring towards others and try to realize your inner peace. That’s how you can be calm and have a positive energy transfer with your twin flame.

Twin flames, being mirror souls, face the same kind of problems. Lingering issues in the past can prevent you from attaining peace in the present.

When one of the twin flames is suffering emotionally, it harms the entire dynamics of the twin flame relationship which can even lead to karmic relationship.

Difficulties arise in a twin flame relationship when the people involved are not at the same spiritual level. One might be emotionally secure and calm, while the other is still learning to find peace. This difference can create major issues in energy exchange.

To establish harmony in this relationship, it is required to solve all emotional troubles and love and care truly to enrich your spirituality.

Self-ego hinders personal improvement. It only makes us do evil and hateful things to others and steers us away from our one true love.

Twin flame relationship can only be successful when an exchange of positive energy takes place.

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