It is that time of the year again when resolutions are made just to be broken. But why is it that we find it so hard to stay true to our New Year resolutions?

The reason is twofold. First of all, we make public and superficial resolutions not ones which our attuned to our personal growth.

Getting a bikini body is a good resolution, but when you look deeper into it, it is fueled more by a need to impress others than living a healthy lifestyle.

Secondly, we care and treat only the symptoms of our problem and think that is enough, well if you stop over eating that is a good thing for sure, but do you know why is that causing you a problem.

Unless we are not true to ourselves, we won’t be able to stay true to our promises. This New Year, try to heal yourself from the inside, purify your soul first and everything else will slowly fall into place. Here are three steps in the process of cleansing your innermost self.

1. Make Spirituality your first priority.

Your Spiritual needs aren’t as loud as the impending meeting tomorrow, but they are far more important. We always push our spiritual routine at the end of everything else and this is where we are going horribly wrong. If we don’t pay attention to our spiritual well-being, everything else will soon fall apart like dominoes.

2. Make a new you.

We all live with a lot of unnecessary burden, be it of toxic beliefs, negative thoughts or bad behavior. Start the New Year like a clean slate by abandoning all if this and anything else that brings you down.

3. Be mindful of the others around you.

Not just by regularly donating to the poor, you can help others in many more ways. Start by putting their needs and desires in front of your own. It will help your soul when you realize how difficult it was to do at first and how much more peaceful life is when you are no longer the center if your own universe.

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