If your concentration level, stamina and ability to make decisions are degrading, you might be suffering from a fatty liver disease which has silent yet critical effects.

The disease is very common in America with nearly a hundred million recorded cases. The people suffering from a fatty liver disease are often obvious to it. It’s caused mainly by consumption of refined edible products.

1. Plant/vegetable roots.

The recipe to prepare this is simple. To 2.5 L of boiling water, add 30 ml of dandelion, burdock and yellow dock root each. Continue to heat gradually for another 20 minutes, also add 30 ml of clover, alfalfa and peppermint leaves. Let it cool and store to drink about 1.5 L daily.

2. Chamomile.

Boil chamomile flowers and dandelion leaves in water separately. Mix them in 1:2 ratio and add about 20 ml of lemon juice to it. Drink thrice a day.

3. Lime.

One of the simplest preparations to make. Add the juice of 2-3 lemons to water and natural sweetener as per your taste. Drink regularly, especially in the morning.

4. The Superhero Liver Cleanse.

It works gently to improve the liver. Blend 10 grams of garlic root with 30 ml of parsley leaves. Mix 30 ml of olive oil with 30 ml of water and 30 ml of orange juice. Now for three weeks straight, drink one third if this preparation before every meal.

5. Beet Juice.

Fresh beet juice is a great liver detox. There is also the option to further add carrot juice and celery juice (the entire plant including the root).

6. Rosemary Liver Stimulator.

Rosemary is beneficial for your brain as well as the liver. It is nothing too lucrative but one cup daily can work up the liver well and get the body juices flowing.

7. Everyday Water.

Water is obviously the most essential drink to have but it is also important to consume it in adequate amount. It enhances the flow of nutrients and is conducive to all body systems’ processes. We recommend infused water recipes for the detox at the same time.

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