New love is always amazing. The initial part where you get to know a person and you feel all the passion and excitement is just thrilling. It can be so amazing that you begin to feel like that person is the right one for you and you begin to think of a future with them.

This is a beautiful thing but love can be quite fickle at time and next thing you know, you begin to feel trapped in a relationship you are no longer interested in.

It’s always hard to deal with a break up, especially when you used to think that you had a future together. Some work very hard to try and reconnect with their significant other but it doesn’t work out.

9 potential signs you are falling out of love with your Partner

1. You avoid talking about the future

Usually, couples start discussing their future but if a person is beginning to feel uncomfortable in the relationship, they begin to avoid the topic altogether.

2. Passion diminishes

People like to show their feelings through physical intimacy but when you begin to fall out of love, pleasure just fades and intimacy decreases.

3. Conflict does not get resolved

Everyone has a fight now and then but some just seem to be stuck fighting over the same issues unable to move on. This can just lead to constant squabbling without any problems being solved.

4. Communication becomes almost obligatory

When you really love someone, you want to share everything with them. But when you begin to lose that feeling and you talk to them less. You feel like talking to them is just another unnecessary responsibility.

5. You start to develop a wandering eye

If you’re falling out of love, you tend to become transfixed by other people. This is an important red flag that should not be ignored.

6. The primary reason for staying in the relationship is not love

It could be anything. You might rely on your partner for financial stability, or you are part of the same social circle or you stay together for the sake of your child. This will just lead to both of you resenting each other.

7. Your priorities have changed

While priorities cannot remain the same all the time, your new ones will seem to be in direct contract to your partner’s.

8. You no longer enjoy your partner’s company

This is a very important indicator of the current status of your relationship. While you don’t have to like everything your partner does, at this stage, you will also begin to dislike your partner.

9. You have fallen for someone else

Those who are sincerely and truly in love with each other don’t have to search for anyone else to fill any void. But once another person gets in the way, one partner will end up losing all the love and affection they used to get from the other.

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