Every New Year brings with it a new wave of resolutions, we decide to grow and get better at what we do.

Unfortunately, while making these resolutions our mental health is neglected.

We will tell you 9 things that should help you be in control.

1. Don’t try to be perfect.

There is always something only you can do, better than anybody else. Aspire to be unique and the best version of yourself instead of trying to be perfect. Perfectionism is impossible and is toxic. Don’t be hard on yourself.

2. Do not compare yourself to others.

You should aim to be better than what you were yesterday, not what anyone else is today.

3. Screw what people think.

The only worry you should have is you, do not get worried about what others think because you can never please them.

4. Use your words wisely.

Always try to talk less and say more, this makes people take your words. Don’t talk mindlessly; use your words to convey something. Understand the power your words can have and use it wisely.

5. You are strong enough to count on yourself.

It is normal to want friends and family around in times of need, but they are also human, and then cannot be there for you all the time. In times like these, you have to remind yourself that you are capable enough to take care of yourself. You can be counted upon for self care, never let yourself forget.

6. Live mindfully.

Let 2018 be unforgettable because you choose to make it so. Pay attention to every little thing around you, and be grateful. Cherish every little activity, place, food, and person. These small moments that you remember will become your beacon of hope during tough times.

7. Be your greatest asset.

Develop yourself to be the best asset you have, because as mentioned earlier, you can always count on yourself. It is safe to assume that you are the only constant you have. Take care of your mind, body and soul. Indulge in self care.

8. Relax.

Life can get hectic. Always remember to step back and breathe. Learn to relax and unwind.

9. Be there for those you love.

Always reinforce your affection and be present around people who love, in mind, body and spirit. It will all come back to you, promise.

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