Often, people feel that physical intimacy is the only way to get closer to your loved one.

However emotional intimacy and vulnerability is far more important to establish a deep connect between the two. To achieve that, one needs to be comfortable with one’s own self.

To feel safe and confident in your own skin, you need to identify the indications given by your body of what is safe and what isn’t. There are methods like, Yoga, Dance, Bodywork, Pole Dancing, Tai Qi, Qi Gong and so on, improves your energy and sensibility and detoxes your life and body.

Let yourself go and feel all the emotions coursing within. Don’t restrain yourself from getting what you want.

What is a deep connection?

Love yourself and others and create an environment of trust and safety. Be understanding and compassionate. Be there for yourself and put yourself first. Only then can you wholeheartedly love and cherish someone else. A deep connection can be created only when there is comfort and vulnerability.

3 easy ways to develop self-love and deep connection

1. Avoid excess use of technology

Reduce your usage of technology and it only distracts you from investing time in yourself. Care and love yourself to gain self-awareness.

2. Learn about emotional intelligence

No one ever teaches you how to find emotional security and stability and so we fail to understand what our soul needs. Learning emotional intelligence will not only make you a better person but also lead to loving relationships.

3. Still your busy mind

Listen to your gut feeling more and pay attention to the messages that your soul sends. Meditate to declutter your mind and explore the real and honest you. This will heal you from within.

It is essential to have a healthy body while learning about emotional intelligence because the foundation needs to be stable for best results. Be true to yourself and to your partner and everything will go smoothly.

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