It is popular opinion that New Year resolutions are made for the sole purpose of being broken. Well if you are chasing superficial goals it does get a bit hard to stay true to them.

Nonetheless, here are 15 positive changes that one should strive for in the New Year:

1. Accept whatever is thrown at you by life. Stop resisting it and you’d see how easy it is so deal with it.

2. Become like water and allow life to guide your course. You’ll be able to go through a lot without as much wear and tear.

3. Stop fighting against things you cannot change and surrender to the situation.

4. Let go of what you think things should be and allow yourself to be surprised.

5. Accept your lot and think that there is something positive to be found in everything.

6. Embrace change instead of resisting it.

7. Don’t be too rigid in life. Try to be more yielding and you’ll find that challenges would be smoother.

8. Trust in the unknown, that everything is happening for a reason.

9. Live in the moment. Don’t worry too much about the past or the future and enjoy the present.

10. Learn to take things with a bit of humor. Good cheer can make life a whole lot easier.

11. Stop looking for love. Instead give love and you’ll see that more love will follow.

12. Instead of grumbling about things that you want, be grateful for the ones you already have.

13. When you talk, be genuine and let the words flow from your heart. Make others a part of your conversations instead of speaking at them.

14. Whatever you undertake, do it with passion and love. Deliver the best you can and move on.

15. Instead of trying to compete with what others are achieving, try to find what you are meant to be in this world. And once you’ve figured it out, strive to achieve that.

I hope we gave you some good ideas about what resolutions you should make in the New 2018. May we all have a prosperous and blessed year ahead full of joy, happiness, love and success.

Love And Light! 

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