The Wolf Moon is the name given to the first full moon of the year. This January, the wolf moon falls on the night between 1st and 2nd and it’s positioned in the sign of Cancer.

Most of the astrological effects of this Full moon are guided by its position  to Venus. Being in direct opposition means this full moon will bring out the oppositions in your personal and professional life as well.

Full moon is the time when your emotions are at the verge of overpowering your other faculties because they are influenced by the Moon. But this also means that you are emotionally more powerful, and stable.

You’d be able to have an unbiased view of your relationships and thereby be a better judge of how they are affecting you and whether or not you are being negatively affected.

You will also rely heavily on your instinct, and it will help you in making some decisions regarding your personal life which you’d otherwise be reluctant about.

This is also the time for the plans which were made during the last New Moon to mature and come to fruition.

Be ready to harvest what you have sown since December 18. You’d be better able to take charge in your professional life and achieve great heights.

In personal life as well, you won’t hesitate to take initiative, especially if you want to ask someone out. It is a good time for dating if you are looking for love.

However, one negative side of Venus in its opposition is that your need to be loved will over cloud all rational judgment.

You might even make some decisions which you would regret otherwise, for instance settling for someone just because you didn’t have the patience to wait.

Their might also be differences in how people express their love and it might cause some altercations between couples. But overall; a good time for all of us because it brings peace and compassion in the world.