All the changing seasons are guarded by the spirits of animal gatekeepers. The gatekeepers of the winter season belong to the earth and are solemn creatures of great gravity and depth.

Winter is the time when peace and quiet reigns and we tune out the world to hear what is being said inside us. More than the cacophony of the outside world, we’d be inclined to pay heed to our instinct. Instead of action, we seek warmth and comfort.

The spirit animals of the North bring within themselves the qualities of patience, wisdom, commitment, endurance and pragmatism.

Wisdom of our ancestors is brought into the fore because they and the spirit animals of the north strife to create a chain of continuity.

One of the spirit animals of the north is the great buffalo. He is a symbol of never ending patience and stability. He teaches us about the importance of resources and to stand strong in the face of adversity.

A buffalo can take a lot of hardships without breaking its spirits, it can carry huge amount of burden without letting it overwhelm him. It is also a symbol of abundance.

In many traditions the body of the bull is revered for its ability to be of use to many people, be it the flesh or the skin.

Winter months are also about gravity and the feeling of being grounded. But it is dangerously close to being lazy and lethargic as well. We feel like doing nothing at all and just curling up in bed the entire day.

But just like the bear might have slow movements and it might seem that it is lethargic, it is actually full of frighteningly powerful energy.

Our slowness and lethargy is nothing but us going into hibernation. We haven’t slowed down; our body is just preparing ourselves for the next year and its challenges by going into hibernation.