The Universal Ascension Process is the Process by which the universe becomes aware of itself. It involves the division and the unification of the consciousness, again and again during the entire life of the universe.

The utmost level of consciousness is the Source. When the source starts to divide itself, by branching into different nodes, it begins the process of division. No part entirely breaks off from the source it just keeps forming more and more branches.

The process will continue till there is no longer any more scope for division; when the consciousness of the universe has reached that state which we understand to be the self or the soul.

There are an uncountable number of selves, and each has a corresponding body to navigate in the physical plane. Now though it might seem that there are a lot of different selves, they are all the same because they all are born of and still connected to the source.

It is very important for the consciousness to exist on the physical plane and learn from their experience here. It is very important for the evolution of the consciousness and it helps it to better understand itself. Once this process is done, the soul can begin the process of unification.

During unification, each tiny branch assimilates all its learning and sort of shrinks back to the node to meet its siblings. When all the branches have assimilated back into the parent branch, it follows the same process and assimilates with its own sibling back into its parent branch. And this goes on till we all have returned back to the Source where it all began.

All these different selves and consciousness are just expressions of the source which helps it to understand itself better and further its evolution. And it will continue to do so many more times, just like it has done innumerable times before.

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