Between December 3rd to 22nd, Mercury was in one of its notorious retrograde cycle.

During the retrograde period, Mercury comes especially close to Earth and it appears as if it is spinning opposite to its normal course. This leads to upheavals in the fields of communication (which is ruled by Mercury).

There are problems related to transportation as well as technology and by the end of it all, everyone would be glad enough to finally catch a breather.

This was a very trying time with frequent misunderstandings, malfunctioning gadgets and lots and lots of missed trains and such. The exceptional bad luck with commuting was due to the retrograde spinning around in Sagittarius which is the ruler of travel.

It is also overall likely to have more miscommunication and tempers running wild during conversations so people had to be very careful about what they utter.

Well the good news is that Mercury has finally decided to get everything back on track. And Capricorn is housing the Sun so as to bring back a certain form and structure to the chaotic mess of the retrograde of Mercury. All the miscommunication and hard feelings of the retrograde can begin to be addressed and eventually resolved.

But the retrograde is not entirely over; its shadow will continue to affect the world till the 11th January. So it is still not advisable to be in a hurry to make any major life decisions. Do not do anything that might have long term effects.

But for little things, you can easily take baby steps so that things can get back to normal. It is important to not get too ahead of yourself and let things take their own pace.

Retrograde is not exactly a bad or negative time; it’s just a bit more out of harmony than other times, but nothing too dangerous.

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