December means festivities and lights and lots of holiday cheer. It is in fact very effective in countering the harsh cold and dark days of the peak of winter.

There are also a lot of holiday traditions which bring in a renewed zest for life as the year wraps around itself to make way for the next one.

Traditions are a very important part of the celebrations and with good cause. They bring stability and a sense of rootedness during chaos. They strengthen family ties and give you a sense of belonging. Traditions bring together the family and the community.

It solidifies our identity and helps us feel comfort and security by surrounding us with the familiar. Without traditions we would be lost. Traditions help us make sense of a world which otherwise defies all logic.

However hard your struggle be during the entire year, during the holidays you can snuggle back into the warmth of your childhood home and finally get a break from whatever is bothering you.

Though, it is true that holidays add some unnecessary stress to our workload- finding the perfect gift, facing the entire extended family at once and so on.

But it has also been observed that the amount of suicides and other methods of self harm are notably low during this time. Traditions help in pushing away the feeling of being lonely and give renewed strength to face your demons.

Another important thing is that the origins of both Hanukkah and Christmas are rooted in the occurrence of Miracles. The burning of the lamps for 8 days, and the virgin birth of the savior both defy all logic and scientific explanation.

And miracles give us hope that things might not really be as bleak as we think. There is a lot more optimism about perhaps experiencing your own Christmas miracle. And so the holidays not just bring cheer, they are also beneficial for your mental well-being.

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