We have all encountered a person who disrupts our lives and makes us feel bad about ourselves.

These disruptive people are toxic and if not detected quickly, they can make your life a living hell.

These 8 signs can help you detect a toxic person in five minutes.

1. They are cocky.

Toxic people are always boasting about themselves and they are never humble.

2. They complain about everything.

Toxic people are always talking about negative things and they are always complaining about things that went wrong with them.

3. They act like they are better than others.

Negative people are easy to spot as they try to put everyone down. They try to portray themselves as perfect beings.

4. They are not interested in your needs.

The toxic people care only about their own needs. If you tell them about your problems, they will try to deviate away from it. They will not even give any advice for your problem.

5. They show no empathy.

Toxic people do not understand the concept of empathy. They are so self involved that they can’t even understand pain of others.

6. They are never satisfied.

Nothing is good enough for the toxic people. They always find faults in everything. Your positive comments cannot pass through without their scrutiny.

7. They make you feel bad.

The reason behind this is because they make you uncomfortable and you often find yourself in awkward situation around them.

8. They are up in everyone else’s business.

Toxic people talk behind the back of others and they create negative thoughts and opinions about others. If you encounter a person who always talk about putting other people down and who talks about the downfall of other person then that person is probably a toxic one.

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