The Twin Flame connection is very unique and doesn’t just happen to anyone. It is a divine reunion, and is only limited to those who have greater purpose to fulfill by the means of this union.

For it to happen, both the souls involved in the reunion have to be awakened and at a heightened consciousness, and exist in a state where they can be capable of love which is truly unconditional.

The formation of Twin Flames happened when the fire from the original source, the white light which can said to be God, split itself into these two halves- one representative of the masculine and the other if the feminine.

Since they formed out of the same source, they are unique to each other in this world; their signature has no duplicate anywhere. Therefore, they are singular and can only embrace each other; no one else has this signature.

When they are incarnated on Earth, the masculine and the feminine spend their time in trying to awaken themselves and attain enlightenment.

It might take them many lifetimes to do so, but it is only when they have reached a heightened consciousness, that they can reunite with their twin flame. When they have understood and rejected Maya, they can once again be united.

The purpose of their reunion on Earth is to fulfill their Spiritual duties. When they unite in Earth, the energy created by their union is capable of affecting and removing a lot of negative energy.

Their love is unconditional; the energy created from this love is powerful enough to impact the planet in a positive way. Recently many twin flames have been reuniting as Earth prepares itself to move to the higher state of consciousness.

These are the different phases Twin Souls experience:

Phase 1- When they recognize each other and trigger into each other the mission of their soul. They then try to attain awareness with the help of each other.

Phase 2- In this phase their potential reunion is tested as they work together to remove outdated concepts.

Phase 3- This stage is about how they handle themselves in a crisis. Communicating and understanding each other, helping each other to heal, mentally as well as emotionally.

Phase 4- This stage is about pushing each other in the direction of healing of self, by helping to connect with the inner God we all have.

Phase 5- This stage is about surrendering anything and everything that comes in the way of their recognition of the inner God. There is no place for ego in this union.

Phase 6- This stage comes after they have established a connection with their inner God. They now have to use their own energy to illuminate and help humanity.

Phase 7- This is the final step and it is all about harmony. Now is their time to fulfill their mission in Earth as twin flames.

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