1. Activators who accomplish that which no one else can.

2. Analyzers who want to know how everything works and what is the science behind the working of the universe? They are the scientists.

3. Banner carriers who cannot see injustice being done and can be seen protesting something or the other.

4. Catalysts who make things happen and who drive change by their presence.

5. Builders who make things happen. They do not achieve big things themselves, but are the reason behind people who do.

6. Controllers who decide how others live their lives.

7. Experiencer who look for new things and conquer them.

8.Followers who are the reason behind every leader’s success.

9. Healers who want to cure others.

10. Infallibles who are born with everything they want.

11. Intellectuals who are drawn to study.

12. Law keepers who make sure the world doesn’t turn into chaos.

13. Leaders who can uplift others.

14. Losers who are their own enemy.

15. Manipulators, who move other people for their own benefit. They can be both good and bad.

16. Performers, who are meant to excel at entertaining others.

17. Peacemakers, who strive for ending conflicts and wars. They can be extremely driven and downright pushy to achieve what they want.

18. Persecutors, who inflict pain on others. They are necessary for the evolution of humanity.

19. Psychics, who have the power to see and hear beyond what ordinary people can perceive.

20. People who are responsible, take their duties very seriously and would feel bad and guilty if they are not able to provide for the people who are in their care.

21. Rescuers, who are willing to help people in need and look after them even though the immediate crisis might be over.

22. Victims with who wrong is done on Earth. They help humanity by bringing to light its flaws.

23. Warriors, who are ready to fight for others. And have self discipline and motivation to survive in fields like the army.

24. Irritants, who are never happy with what they have got.

25. Winners, who are only driven by their need to excel and they do. They are the best in everything they choose to pursue.

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