Human beings have always had a connection with sound. Sounds produced by nature, instruments or even other human beings have a deep impact on us. 

Our bodies react to music automatically and our minds’ intuition catches on music as well. It should come as no surprise that we can use sound to heal our mind and body. This in turn can help in achieving our fullest potential.

Frequencies have been shown to affect our brains in a positive or a negative way according to experiments, some help our brain to focus better whereas others can cause even bodily discomfort and anxiety.

These frequency experiments were done on water. Our bodies are largely made up of water so it is no surprise that it affects our bodies too. 432hz and 528hz are the frequencies which affect the human mind the most. Functions of different frequencies are listed below:

440HZ – This frequency is not found in the nature and it detrimental to the human body, it is unaligned with it and affects creativity negatively.

396HZ – This frequency can turn sadness into joy and removes fear.

417HZ – This frequency helps with traumatic experiences and facilitates change.

528HZ – This frequency is especially beneficial as it is the natural frequency of the earth. This holds the power to repair DNA as well as be a bringer of transformations.

638HZ – This frequency enhances relationships by building communication and understanding among individuals.

741HZ – This frequency enhances self expression and cleans cells of toxins. This makes for a happy, stable and pure life.

852 HZ – This frequency helps in kick starting your intuition and keep you in a well balanced spiritual order

963HZ – This frequency “resets” your spiritual settings to a “default”, it is connected directly to light.

528 HZ – This is another frequency which helps with DNA reparation and is known as the “miracle tone”. It is compatible with the human body and nature. It has been known to be used to purify water in experiments as well.

432HZ – This frequency has been lauded as one of the most consistent in nature. 432hz along with 528hz have been scientifically proven to be healing for the mind, body and spirit.

These frequencies attract a lot of positivity in our lives. Use them to rejuvenate your body and mind. They also help you to vibrate on a higher level with positivity. A good idea is to go to sleep with the frequency in the background so that you can wake up feeling great.

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