The bond of friendship is very strong and nothing can break the ties of two close friends. Friends understand each other and are there when the other person needs them.

The term which is used to define a strong friendship is chemistry. But when we say that they have great chemistry between them, what do we actually mean? Are we referring to some chemical reactions that make their bond strong? Or there is something else to it?

Well, chemistry is much more than that. When you have different ideas and opinions about a subject but you are still able to be yourself around your friend, then it is chemistry.

When you feel that you have a air of calmness when you are around your friend, when you feel safe around them, when you trust them blindly, then there is chemistry between friends.

In simpler words, chemistry develops when you and your friend complement each other. It enables you to stay close to each other even when you are miles apart. The relationship between friends is much beyond just the sexual interaction.

Here is what it means when you have great chemistry with your friend:

You Feel At Home

If you feel safe and comfortable when in company of your friend, then you have great chemistry with them. We can spend hours and hours with them doing silly stuff; still we do not feel the passage of the time. Our time with them is relaxing and makes us closer to ourselves.

You Can Share Anything With Them

You can share the highest of your dreams and the deepest of your secrets among the friends with whom you have great chemistry with. You do not feel judged or vulnerable while sharing your secrets with them.

You are your own original self around them

You shed all your covers and be what you are as they bring out the best of you. You’ll feel at ease around them and because you do not feel judged, you tend to open your true self around them. It is truly soul soothing to be around a friend with divine chemistry.

What do you think about chemistry between friends? Do you have a friend you share something like this with?

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