Nothing in this universe happens without being part of some higher purpose. Do not dismiss synchronicities because this is how the universe communicates with you when you need guidance.

This term was first used by Carl Jung and it refers to some phenomena that seem to be connected outside the realm of cause and effect.

Everything and everyone in the universe are linked to each other so if you really desire something and you just happen to be giving off the right vibrations, the universe will conspire to give you what you wish for.

Watch out for any of these indicators that you need to focus on.

7 most important signs of synchronicity:

1. You haven’t thought of a person in a very long time and suddenly they send you a message or you just run into them accidentally.

2. There’s an issue you don’t know how to solve and you just happen to meet someone or find something that helps you figure it out.

3. A film or a show that you’re watching seems to be telling you own story and you suddenly realize things you didn’t think of before.

4. You meet a new person who is talking about an issue that you are facing and their words help you resolve it.

5. You just happen to meet other who are experts in your field. This is the universe sending you help when you most need it.

6. When depression threatens to overwhelm you and you are searching for something to raise your spirits, inspiration comes out of nowhere. You might hear something on your playlist or the book you’re reading will provide you with just the right words.

7. Numbers that repeat like 111, 222, 333 and so on are everywhere around you. Keep an eye out and look up what the number you are seeing means.