Mystery of Ancient Levitation

Ancient scriptures say sound is an effective method to levitate heavy rocks and other objects, therefore possible helping in the construction of pyramids. The power of sound was increased with multitude of voices singing or playing instruments, channeling energy from the heavens.

The Precision and Intrigue of Sonic Power

Bruce Cathie, author, described how he witnessed Tibetan monks levitate boulders with their voices and instruments. The position of the singers and musicians is important for the “anti-gravity sonic effects” to work.

Swedish engineer Olaf Alexanderson talked about how Eastern monks could move boulders up mountains and that thorough knowledge of vibrations is required to nullify gravitational force.

Recent Observations in Tibet are Astounding

20 years ago in Tibet, civil engineer Henry Kjelson observed how a lama showed a Swedish doctor the levitation of huge rocks 250 meters high. It was done by angling their voices underneath the rock to make it move.

Sonic Levitation and the Coral Castle

Edward Leedskalnin, a man with meagre financial resources, once made a coral castle in Homestead Florida without using equipments. Although each section weighed 58 tons he claimed to have moved them by singing. He said he knew the Egyptian technique. He placed his hand on the rock and sung a scale to move the rocks. Highest vibration gave the necessary energy.

Leaving it on a high note

In the technological sphere, high power sound can move objects in the air. Yoshiki Hashimoto of Kaijo Corporation, created a levitation machine which vibrates 20,000 times per second and can keep a small silicon wafer hanging one millimeter above the surface. Experiments were even carried out in space as lack of gravity gave better results. We are yet to explore the full potential of sound energy.