In today’s world people meet their significant others in various ways. The traditional methods of meeting through common friends are hardly a norm these days.

Recent surveys have shown how most couples these days meet online, be it through dating apps or social media. This method has risen considerably and probably the most popular till date.

As it turns out, more people are meeting online than ever before with 19% of respondents reporting that they met their significant other online, whether it was through a dating site or app, or through social media. This is up from just 14% in 2015, showing that this method for meeting people is getting more popular and may continue to do so.

There is this common misconception that online dating is mainly for ‘hookups’ but that’s far from truth. So here are the popular ways of meeting your significant other:

1. Online

19% of surveyed people said that they met online. Our lives are interlinked with internet. Everything we do or say is up on social media and therefore it’s no surprise that online dating platforms are the easiest way today to meet somebody.

2. Through mutual friends

17% met through friends, be it in a party or were deliberately set up. Having mutual friends ensures safety and is an automatic verification of reliability and good character. It is a traditional and yet popular method.

3. In College

15% met their partner in college where they had the opportunity to comfortably know each other and become friends first. Often it may seem difficult to handle a relationship with the stress of college but some also say that it strengthens the bond since they both share the same outlook towards life.

4. At work

12% reported to have met their partner at work which may be surprising since workplaces discourage relationships between colleagues. Those who spend so much of their time at work find it easier to date a colleague since they have no free time to go out to meet someone. Same work environment makes the romance flourish.

No matter where you meet your other half, love each other; be loyal and work together to stay together for a long time.

Inspired by Peace Quarters