The fact is that many women go through a lot of negativity and trauma in their life without even letting on a single sign of it affecting them.

Their near and dear ones might not even realize the inner battle they fight, and win day after day to be able to make their life the way it is. These incredibly strong women never share their demons with others because they don’t want to worry them, or come off as needy.

But most importantly, they can’t let their fears show, they can’t afford to break down because there are so many people who are relying on them to pull through and keep doing what they always do.

But however strong they may be, this constant suppression takes its toll on them. They try very hard to push down those dark memories, but all this leads to them start doubting themselves. They start finding faults which don’t even exist. They try to get busy. They think out of sight would mean out of mind.

So they don’t let themselves think of anything, always chasing one goal after other, taking much more than they can chew just so that they don’t have to think about the things they want to avoid.

But this method doesn’t work. Sooner or later, their thoughts start catching up with them. They lay awake the whole night, twisting and turning in their beds, fighting a losing battle with their inner demons. At some point they will decide to seek professional help.

They go to a doctor, and if they are lucky enough they would get proper help which will help them heal. But not everyone is as lucky. Many doctors help just enough to soften the system, but never cure them completely because they want a regular customer, from whose vulnerability they can profit from, week after week.

But once the poor soul realizes what is happening, they break free. This is when they realize they don’t need help; they are strong enough to handle it themselves.

Asking for help was an important part of the process and the whole experience has only made them stronger.

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