Our body has 7 major chakra systems. The third eye or ajna chakra is the sixth one which helps in separating the truth from illusion.

Illusion is tangible whereas truth is more open and vibrating with energy. Third eye capacity ranges from simple intuition to travelling dimensions in different people and it depends on the spirituality and past life of the individuals.

There are 5 signs to know whether the third eye is open:

1. Vivid dreams and good recall

Third eye is the reason why we can daydream and can clearly experience visions and dreams. If you can remember your visions in detail and recall those days later, then your third eye is somewhat open.

2. Noticing shadow beings or seeing spirits often

When you can see shadow beings or spirits who generally belong to the 3rd dimension then it’s a sign that you are using your third eye’s energy. You might also see beings appear on your peripheral vision.

3. You see auras

An aura is the energetic field that surrounds beings and being able to see it is a gift that shows that third eye is active.

4. Highly intuitive and/or seeing visions of things to come

The third eye is linked to psychic activity and so if you can see things before they happen or come, your third eye is active.

5. You are a truth-seeker

If you are constantly in search for the truth, willing to go to the depths of a matter and never satisfied with the answers given to you, then it means that your third eye is open and active.

So, these are some ways to tell if your third eye is open.

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