Crystals are one of the most effective tools when it comes to spiritual learning and healing.

Finding the right crystal is the best thing that can possibly happen, because the right crystal can do wonders to your working abilities. To work effectively with crystals, you have to form a physical connection with them.

Keeping all of this in mind, one should not forget that crystals are anything but cheap.

Even though having loads of them sure sounds like a great idea, but it is not exactly feasible, one has to make choices.

Following is a list of six crystals that are extremely effective and there are numerous ways you can use them.


This is a pretty essential stone, serving multiple functions.

It not only protects you from the harmful EMF rays and the other harmful emissions that we are subject to by being surrounded by technology in multiple forms around us, but it also detoxifies your body and absorbs the negative energies around you.

This is an extremely handy stone; therefore, it is a good idea to keep one around, as it also protects our individual fields of energy.


This stone is the color of our blood and just like blood it keeps energy flowing through our body at all times.

Besides making sure that our body has a smooth flow of energy, it keeps us energetic as it is the stone of action. It also keeps us motivated.

When everything goes wrong, it gives us inner strength to do what we think we cannot do, or when we are going through a tough time in our lives.


Humans tend to believe that prosperity is defined by materialistic possessions and what is outside and part of the physical world.

Pyrite reminds us that true prosperity is within us and in our souls. It is the stone of luck and protects us from our own insecurities that stop us from being the people we really are.

Pyrite helps us see our own selves in the light and realize our own capabilities and goodness.


This is the stone of self worth and truly loving our own selves. It is the stone of acceptance and love that comes without any conditions.

Keeping this stone around helps us ease ourselves and lighten up the dark places of our being, to find the light of our soul.

It helps us to stop being critical of ourselves and learn to accept the person that one is, and celebrate it.

When times are bad and we beat ourselves up too much, this is the stone that helps us find peace in ourselves.


Fluorite is the crystal of positivity.

It ensures the steady and regular flow of positive energy around us and clears our mind for clear headed judgments and decision making.

It puts our minds at ease so that we can go about our day systematically and achieve everything that we plan to.

It helps us to be the most productive that we can possibly be.


Selenite is the crystal of healing and balance. The most interesting thing about selenite that also makes it essential to keep around you, is that when you stack the above crystals on it, the energy of the other stones is greatly increased!

Selenite helps you achieve mental calm, peace and clarity, and also helps you do away with the negativity that is blocking you and standing in the way of your achievements.

Source: SimpleCapacity

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