Nearly everyone thinks that our weight and overall body appearance depends solely on what we eat and how much we work out.

But the reality is, we are not made up only of our physical body, we are spirits who are clad in this physical form. There can be no change in the physical form unaccompanied by the Spiritual sense.

When we first become aware that we have been putting on some pounds here and there, we keep thinking nobody is going to pay attention. But nobody else needs to, if we have internalized this agony that we are not perfect, it will cause an effect on our energy and it will be visible for all to see.

The ways in which this excess weight manifests physically, like shortness of breath, pain in the joints etc, come much later. The first onslaught is on our minds and our thoughts.

We have to control it, by first stopping these intruding thoughts. It can be done by occupying ourselves with exercise, or to meditate to take control.

Other than these two (mind and body) change happens at the Spiritual level as well. When we feel the trauma of being ashamed for our weight or the like, our spiritual self is affected by it. Moreover if left untreated; we can take this trauma forward in future lives too.

We need to realize that our spiritual self, our spirit is the most powerful thing in the universe. We can shape our life as we want because deep inside we are nothing but energy and it is upon us to make sure this energy vibes with positivity.

This is the internal voice that urges us to chase our dreams. When we give up the trauma, and realize that we are perfect the way we are, we open a path for Spiritual balance.

And once we have attained that, the fitness of our physical form will also not be hard to attain.

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