Bone Breathing is one of the most ancient techniques for well being and is a solution for many of the ailments that have sprung up as a result of the modern life-style.

When we Bone breathe, we are making our breath reach right up to our bones so that they get to breathe as well. When done right, this technique can help alleviate stress and many other ailments.

How does one Bone Breathe?

The simplest way which can be followed easily by the beginners is like this- You sit in an upright position, preferably on a chair. Your hands should be laid in front of you, palms facing the ceiling. Then you relax your body and take a slow and deep breath in. Then exhale it with the same pace.

Repeat it so that you have a rhythm of slow and deep breaths. Once you find this rhythm, focus your attention to the very top of the index finger on your left hand. Continue the exercise and do so with the right hand as well. Your hands and wrists should all be relaxed during this.

Getting more energetic

When this is practiced correctly, you will soon be able to feel the negative energies exiting your body. You will feel less stressed and full of energy after having finished this exercise. You don’t just exhale all the bad energy in your body, deep breathing allows you to also inhale the good energy which keeps your spirits up.


There are so many benefits you can Garner if you practice this technique every day. Even if you don’t get the time to do it every single day; at least try to make time for it more than a couple of times in a week. It immediately expels stress and rejuvenates you and its long term benefits include improvement in libido and prevention against osteoporosis.

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