Being wise means to know the difference between what is right and what is wrong.

Though wisdom essentially comes from experience, the amount of experience is not the same for everyone. Some become wise by just one jarring encounter, others take the long route going through a lot of failures and learning.

So how do you know whether you are turning wise or not? Here are 7 signs that should help you a bit:

1. Your mistakes are turning into lessons. You don’t keep repeating bad decisions but learn from them and improve yourself for the better.

2. You know that your time on this Earth is limited and you will not always have the level of energy that you do now. But this knowledge doesn’t make you feel bad, rather it has made you cherish every single day and moment that you spend and experience the beauty of life.

3. You take a time out. You have realized that giving yourself time to breathe is as important as chasing your goal. And you’ve found your own way of taking a break; it can be yoga, meditation or anything that suits you.

4. You take the other person’s viewpoint in account. You have stopped judging people and their actions without knowing the full story. You no longer make assumptions about someone else without first hearing their side.

5. You don’t lose your faith. Over time you have come to believe in certain things, and now you are not afraid of defending them in front of others if need be.

6. You know that learning is a never-ending process. And you are happy about it. You know that you can never know enough and your knowledge can never be complete, and you are happy to learn about different viewpoints.

7. You have learned to forgive. You have had the realization that it is easier to let go instead of holding on to things and you are happy to do so.

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