Nowadays teenagers like to spend time with themselves. They have their own world. They are often referred as ‘free spirits’.

Now, what these ‘free spirits’ really are? For someone who uses this word as a compliment, a person who is breezy, cheerful and approachable is known as ‘free spirit’.

But someone who uses it in a judgmental way, will somehow always try to prove that these ‘free spirits’ are those people who don’t like to socialize with others and also sometimes with their own family.

Now, for instance, if we talk about a real ‘free spirit’, they like to do their things on their own. They do not like others to involve in their matter. They try to solve their own problems. But due to the negative comments, they started feeling scared that are they really going away from their family?

Being a ‘free spirit’ doesn’t mean leaving your friends and family behind. Due to negative comments, they start tagging them with that judgmental note.

But few of them create their own dictionary of ‘free spirit’ where they claim themselves as:

  1. They love to follow their instinct.
  2. They are not only limited to a certain place or time.
  3. They are connected to boundless love.

Now, those who can create their own dictionary of ‘free spirit’ they can always take people’s comment as a compliment. They always know that they are correct. So whenever someone labeled them as ‘free spirit’ whether they told it as a compliment or not, they straightaway reply to them with two words and that is ‘thank you’; because they know that who they are and they are not going to change for anyone.

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