Dealing with unity, harmony and love, a closing of the root chakra can have negative effects on your mind and soul, which might turn chronic if not remedied in time.

Meditation, and focusing on positive thoughts and aspects help, but the process is gradual and cannot happen over the span of a night.

Clearing the paths take time. For leading a healthy life, you must observe and know the signs of your root chakra opening.

1. Lower Anxiety Levels

You sense a growing calm within you when your root chakra pathways start clearing. The mind is clearer, less suspect to holding on to fears about the future. You are able to confront problems head on. A very fluid root chakra flow ensures a healthy mental balance and predicts peace and prosperity in life.

2. Fears hit a low

Your crippling fear takes a backseat, while you feel more confident and enthusiastic about trying things that you desire. Claustrophobia and insomnia cease; your fighting spirit drives you on forward. The objects of fear become objects that fill you with wonder and awe now.

3. Healthier Cortisol levels

Imbalanced heart chakra adversely affects the adrenal glands, which are responsible for releasing cortisol hormones in the body. The reopening of this chakra efficiently tackles this problem, regulating cortisol levels in the body, decreasing stress and depression.

There is a positive change in body weight and energy levels, with an urge to opt for a healthy routine. You will feel confident and social with a boost in self-esteem and self-love.

4. Detoxing your life

Root chakra blockage makes us victim to our self-ego, we put ourselves through abusive and toxic relationships. An opening of this chakra pathway gives us the courage to break out of this self-destructive habit and eliminate harmful and dysfunctional people from our lives and move forward towards a better future.

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