The year 2017 was a year for new and exciting beginnings; the year 2018 is going to be a year of building, manifestation and restructuring.

We’ll have the opportunity to build upon the foundation of the life that you have laid out for yourself. This building part is the part of approximately 9-year long cycle of which this building and creating stages are just a part of.

We know that a very significant part of our lives is decided even before we come in this human form, still, we have the opportunity and the free will to create our own lives. Our lives are created not just in any void abstract but through our energy and our mindset. If we put more emphasis or focus on something, then we will put more energy into it and thus we’ll be able to see the results relating to that.

People often make the mistake of being in the mindset of- Once I’ll figure everything in entirety, then I’ll live a happy life. But all that it results in is a hollow chase. Rather what you must do is to find ways to achieve happiness now and the rest of the stuff will follow.

2018 will be an important year from the lens of astrology also, as two key planets, Saturn and Uranus will shift into the earth sign. The earth’s energy will help all of us to build a strong foundation for our lives. Also, because the last few years have been in turmoil, the earthly energy will help us ground ourselves.

The planet Saturn will move into the sign, Capricorn, on December 19th 2017, but its complete effects will be seen only after the flip of calendar to 2018.

Uranus, the planet of great change and holy awakening will enter the earth sign, Taurus, on May 16th 2018 and will remain there till April 2018.

When huge planets like Saturn and Uranus shift signs, it makes other things move as well and this in turn gives us the opportunity to see what we really want and awaken to ourselves. Uranus will be instrumental in causing change and that change will help us grow and to awaken into the deeper parts of ourselves.

The best part about the energy of Uranus in Taurus is that due to the influence of Taurus, the energy of Uranus will be released slowly, giving us ample opportunities to build. It won’t be a violent burst of energy.

Along with Saturn and Uranus, we’ll have one more celestial body into the earth sign. The third body will be Pluto. The resulting earth energy will beckon all of us to get rooted and grounded. After so many unsettling years, we’ll finally have the time to settle where we are.

By June 2018, we’ll be entering a very strong retrograde cycle which will start with the Mars Retrograde. The planet Mars is normally known for its motivation and action, but when in retrograde, forces us to take a rear seat instead of moving ahead. Also, the Mars retrograde will force us to see and access carefully how we are using our time and energy.

Mars will be back to being direct in August and then after that we’ll witness Venus Retrograde from October to November and then after that we’ll have Mercury Retrograde.

Finally, the year 2018 will bring us a sum total of 5 eclipses which will fall in the signs of Aquarius, Leo and Cancer. In the previous year, we had eclipses in the Leo and Aquarius but it’ll be for the first time in a long time to experience the Cancer eclipse.

Overall. The upcoming year is going to be about moving ahead with strong and cautious steps after building a strong base. We’ll have the power to manifest and put what we want into this world.

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