This week’s new moon in Sagittarius marks the end of a (mini) era. 

The new moon arrives early in the morning on December 18th. This is a brilliant new moon for you to create a vision board for what you want your next year to look like. You work best when you have a goal you can point your bow and arrow toward, and making lists and clipping out inspiring images is a great way to spend the new moon, which is a time for quiet self-reflection and new beginnings.

Saturn is about to change signs. 

As you can see, the Sun Moon pair are sandwiched between Venus and Saturn. It’s quite positive!

The idea you can benefit from this is confirmed by the fact the stellium is supported by Uranus in Aries. There are no harsh aspects involved.

Venus is concerned with relationships. Sagittarius rules stories and philosophy. The Sun and Moon make it all very personal.

This new moon takes place two days before Saturn leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn.  It’s clear to me this is an exceptional time to change (Uranus) your view when it comes to love, money or commitment.  And you may need to break a social rule to get this right!

Saturn is concerned with maturity and commitment. It can also indicate the lack of something.Uranus is always about change and Aries is independent. You will feel like trying sometime new, outside of your normal routine. You should enjoy more freedom to leave your comfort zone and widen your social circle with some extraordinary people.

The December 2017 new moon is good for committing to a serious relationship and for meeting someone to share the rest of your life with. This is a new moon for making positive changes without upsetting the structures and routines in your life. You can have the best of both worlds as you leave your past behind and create your new reality.

This is also a new moon for achievement, recognition and satisfaction. Taking on more responsibility and acting more responsibly will earn you respect and promotion. Build a strong foundation for the future and make life more stable and secure for you and your family.

December New Moon conjunct Saturn is functional and critical. It is not the most adventurous or playful New Moon, but they will be your rock and anchor. It this time it is extremely tempting to let authority figures take complete control of your life, but if you do surrender to their efficiency drive, prepare for their command to be 100%. They provide protection and security like no other.

This is a good New Moon for building backbone if you chose to be self sufficient.

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