Parenting is hard. People thus follow different ways to guide their children. One such style is narcissistic parenting.

What is a narcissistic parenting style?

Narcissistic parenting is a method where parents focus on what they want instead of what’s best for the child. Such parents always have strict eyes on their children. This method doesn’t let the child do anything about the things they like doing. Parents do not want their kids to be independent. And obviously, this affects children in bad ways.

Children blame themselves.

The children having narcissistic parents often believe that they are to blame. Such parents only focus on their personal problems and the child’s mistakes. So, the children think that being better and obeying their parents, would make parents treat them nicely.

Insecurity of attachment.

Narcissistic parenting makes children have a worrying relationship with their parents. The child starts avoiding the parents for fear of feeling hurt again. He might also begin worrying about why the parents don’t like him and crave for love from them.

Emotional detachment.

As a result of narcissistic parenting, children become emotionally detached. They prefer being alone and moody than be with parents. They grow up to be lonely and repulsive.

Nourishing qualities.

Some children unusually grow up to be very nourishing parents, so that they can experience the warmth and care they didn’t get.

Extreme stress.

Children who have been physically or verbally abused, develop the post-traumatic stress disorder. The bad memories of childhood scar them for life.

Become self-centered.

As an effect of such parenting, the child himself becomes self-centered gradually. He tries to be the best at everything so that his parents don’t scold him. They grow up to be narcissistic just like their parents.

Everyone wants the best for their kids. And the correct way to let them grow and be the best versions of themselves, is to love them dearly and teach them right from wrong.

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