There is something that cannot be seen but their existence is always there around us. Even science is admitting that there are things which cannot be proven.

In the era of quantum physics, we are still trying to find the full proof concept of Maya. We all abide by atomic and molecular structures. But in Maya concept, they have their own concepts of energy, like Reiki, acupuncture, chakras, and energy.

For the Mayans, there is the individuality of spirit and material. For them, the whole world is conscious and constantly brimming with energy. The source of this energy is primarily above us, but it is also coming from below.

According to Mayans, they are known as K’ul. If the direct translation of K’ul is done then it is somewhat like ‘sacred entity or God’ combined with translations and vibrations it sounds like ‘Sacred Vibration of God’.

According to Mayans, there are concentration points, hubs and sacred spaces were connected to different meridians of the earth.

They are much like the different chakras of our body which are connected by meridians. This spiritual energy was asleep till ‘2012’ and after that, they arouse.

It is really a coincidence that when the Pyramid was built all the other stony structures were sprung up throughout the world. How is that possible? Without the usage of internet or airplanes to fly around the world?

It may be the Morphic Resonance. Or, Feng Shui?

The Sacred vibration of GOD has no boundaries. Taking instances from Maya culture to Egypt, Mesopotamia, India, and China there was a flourishing of agility beyond anything.

With all the intellectual flourishment and science knowledge, we came to know about this vibration as TORSION FIELDS. Some regarded as Photon belt. Our brains are tied to this energy and we can’t prevent it.

We all are changing on daily basis. According to Mayans, we are moving from 4th to 5th world and we all hope that this transformation will lead us to the more wonderful world. 

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