From fairytales to real life, we have seen evil in many forms.

Evil is difficult to notice at times. Even an innocent looking person can have an evil mind.

What better than to be aware of the signs that mean a person is evil? If you see these, you’ll know what to do. Stay away from them!

1. They deny reality

An evil person will disagree with you on terms of what unreality and reality. To him, you will always be wrong. He will manipulate his ideas.

2. Altering facts

A person with an evil mind will try to alter facts to their own advantage. They do this to justify their weird ideas.

3. Hiding information

They hold back information which would put them into danger. They will never accept their lies and would pretend to be ignorant.

4. They mislead you

An evil person will use information to give you a wrong idea. That would make you afraid and you’ll depend on that person to get advice. You will feel like everyone else is an enemy.

5. Continuous lying

They lie about everything. They would lie to have you in their control.

6. No guilt

The evil person has no guilt about all the bad things he has done or the people he has hurt.


They take no responsibility of the harm they have caused. If they see someone blaming them, they cleverly redirect it.

8. Experts of manipulation

They manipulate every information and action in their favor. If you think you can outsmart them, always know they are 10 steps ahead.

9. Untrustworthy

They only help you when they have something to gain from it.

10. Steal your time and attention

An evil person will distract you and use up your time in long conversations.

11. Dual-life

They have different versions of themselves for different people. They lie about who they are.

If evil people see a good friend in you, they would take you on their side and take advantage of your kindness. So be aware and be safe!

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