It’s believed that at birth, each of us receives a guardian angel who guides us and keeps us alive. We pray to him, we address him when it’s tough for us, however he’s always by our side. He protects us and keeps track of us even once we do not know it.

Different religions speak of them, especially Christianity. For example, the quote from the Bible, Psalm 91: 10-12, says:

The angel’s doctrine is part of the church tradition. And different religions, like Buddhism, additionally strongly believe in the presence of entities that are trying to lead us in a positive way. They can even be lost souls who attempt to correct mistakes made by us – however that’s one other theory. When the Judgement day comes, our guardian angel is the one who will probably be our advocate with God.

Many are confident of their presence, some simply say that they exist, many are addressing them through prayer, firmly believing their angel guardian will assist … However, there are clear indications of which you’ll certainly know when your guardian angel is making an attempt to give you help and points to something important in your life.

These things can be a key indicator that your guardian angel is trying to contact you:

1. Signs in the sky

Maybe you’ve looked the shapes of the clouds when you were younger, but have you ever thought that they could be proof of the entity? Moving and traces in the clouds are often an indication that an angel guardian looks at you, and tries to guide you in a certain direction. It is not unusual to see hearts, the flowers, or even the form of angels in the clouds.

2. An obscure sense that someone touches you

Sometimes when an angel guardian observes and follows you, you will experience accidental touches and feelings. It’s a big sign that your angel guardian craves for your attention.

3. Room temperature variation

If you feel a random temperature change, the guardian angel is very close to you. Angel guardians travel and exist through frequencies and vibrations. The presence of the guardian angel may change the way the air molecules react, which will cause a sudden change in room temperature.

4. Fantastic, inexplicable fragrance

Have you ever been at home or somewhere else and smelled an incredible smell that you could not explain where it came from? That can mean your angel is very close.

5. Feathers

Feathers are one of the things closest to the angel guardians. If you are at a place where you would not expect feathers, but you see it, you might be close to your guardian angel. The angels love to leave their feathers as a reminder that they are there, and they look after us. This is especially true if someone finds a white feather.

6.  Rainbow

Although a pot with gold may not be at the end of it, the rainbows have a meaning. They are very spiritual and natural sources of light and power. If anyone sees a rainbow that appears without the presence of rain, it is more than likely a sign of angel presence. They like to remind us that they are around us, to know that we are not alone.

7. Communication through dreams

Although you may not remember a dream, you feel easier, stronger and safer, as if you suddenly know which way you should go or what to do.

8. Feeling that someone is following you

When you feel that someone is following you or is next to you, and no one is there, pay attention to how you feel then. If there is a feeling of trust and love in you, then an angel guardian is with you.

9. Differently colored lights

If you can see something like an unexplainable glimmer or notice unusual shadows it is a sign that an angel is trying to contact to you.

10. You hear strange and pleasant voices and noises

Sometimes you may feel like you hear unclear mute-like sounds as if someone speaks quietly and far from you and you can not understand what they are talking about, but you hear it.

Source: Zen-Magazine

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