What is an ‘Aura’?

The Aura of a person is the wave of energy that surrounds the person in an oval shaped enclosure. It is not something that you are conscious about all the time.

But you may be able to see different types of auras around yourself and others with some certain level of skills. In this article, we’ll be discussing about one of the rarest types of known aura- The Light Pink Aura.

The Light Pink Aura

The aura or the energy around the person says a lot about the person’s destiny. It also shows what the fate has in store for you. In other words, it represents the person’s potential.

The aura may change in intensity or color over the period of time. The aura in discussion here, the pink aura is known as the root aura or the ‘base’ aura, as it is located on the end of the red spectrum of colors.

Light Pink Aura Meaning

Pink is a mixture of red and white. Red represents strength and hard-handedness. While white represents tranquillity.

Combine them, and you get pink which is stern yet compassionate. The reason this aura is rare in modern times is because of the circumstances we face today.

The people who have the light pink aura tend to be better mannered and calmer than other people. The interesting thing about the light pink aura is that its shade can vary from people to people.

It can have specks of red, blue or grey. A clear light pink aura is found very rarely. In order to possess the light pink aura, the person must live in complete calm.

Their ideals must be unshakable and they must have undying faith in love and peace. As we all know that pink is made up of red and white, where red represents strength and white represents tranquility and peace.

Thus, pink is strong yet compassionate. Having a pink aura means that you are willingly letting go of all your worries and are focusing on the higher things in life.

Have you ever seen your own aura or been told about its color by someone else? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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