Two types of forces affect our life: external and internal. These forces guide us but many of them restrict us from realizing the purpose of our existence.

Since, everything exists with a counterpart, these forces also exists in opposing pairs. Darkness and light are two parts of us. It is upon us to decide which one of them is the dominating part.

It is one of the greatest factors affecting our life as it decides the path of our life.

We all want the light force to guide us. But the darkness within us wants our attention too. So, whenever you start working on your light side, darkness knocks your door too.

It wants to surface too. We cannot ignore it because it is present inside us. We need to learn to keep it inside and live with the light. Those who have mastered in this are the warriors of light.

They have learned not only to minimize the internal darkness, but to keep in check the external forces that act against us.

Obviously, growing up with the darkness has affected our mind. This is one of the main reasons why we can never eliminate darkness from within us.

So, our conscious promotes dark forces top, knowingly or unknowingly, we don’t know. Involuntarily, we create obstacles for ourselves.

But the warrior of light knows that the path of darkness will never lead him to the right destination.

These are some of the key traits of the Warriors Of Light:

A warrior of light knows the value of truth. No matter what situation arises he will never leave the path of truth.
They are so selfless that even if someone hates them or brings them grief, they’ll focus that hatred into love for them.
They have mastered adjustability too.
Their intuition is very strong and they always follow their intuition rather than the trend.
Love is their greatest strength. They know its power.
They value time. Meaningless objectives are ignored by them.

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