We all know that love is irrational and we can be in love with people who may seem right for us but maybe really bad for us.

Yes, it is true that even the people who make you laugh and make you feel absolutely free can be downright bad for you.

But, even when you are not consciously aware about your situation, your subconscious is aware about. You just need to access your subconscious. You must pay attention to your instincts.

Here are 9 things that you do subconsciously when you know that your partner is not good for you:

1. You lose your confidence whenever you are with your partner.

This is your subconscious’ way to remind you that your partner does not do anything to boost your moral and is not putting enough in the relationship.

2. You feel insecure in the relationship.

It is common to feel some insecurity in the relationship but your partner need to do his/her part to make you feel better and secure.

3. You always feel the need of validation from your partner.

Your whole self-worth has been fixed to your partners’ opinion of you.

4. You are never at ease when you are together.

Your loved ones make you comfortable naturally but when you are with your partner you are nervous all the time.

5. You overanalyse all the conversations and the gestures that your partner makes.

You feel the need to constantly read what is going in your partners head because you are never able to understand what they are feeling and thinking.

6. You feel the need to keep tabs on your partner.

Again, this is something that is quite common but when you feel the need to do it compulsively then there is for sure a problem.

7. You have changed your life completely just to accommodate your partner.

You are now a completely different person from what you began with. You had to compromise with your deepest morals and standards to adjust with your partner.

8. You feel more fear than love in the relationship.

You fear that the things that you do and say might impact your partner.

9. You have stopped doing things that you love.

You have lost all sense of individuality and you have stopped doing things that makes you happy.

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