The crystals are the treasure of the earth. They are filled with the energy that can help you to have that edge in your life.

Every crystal has its own personality and its own metaphysical significance. They can be used for a lot of things like grounding, improving our health, raising our energy and even protection.

Here are the seven crystals we believe are best for protection.

1. Agate Eye

This stone is believed to be a stone of virtue which allows you to find diligence in life. It brings stability in your romantic relations and your family life. It is used to eliminate the hesitation and to make the choices clear. It is believed to be the best protection against the ‘evil eye’

2. Ammonite

This stone is closely associated with the root chakra and thus is perfect for grounding. It also boosts the survival instincts as it allows you to see the whole picture.

3. Bloodstone

This stone is used to promote calm and tranquil atmosphere. It is also helpful in mental exhaustion and boosts the courage. You can use it to remove the obstacles from your life.

4. Carnelian

This stone represents boldness, confidence, initiative, assertiveness, outgoingness, analysis, precision, etc. It also provides a connection with the past. It is mostly used in the healing of trauma, emotional wounds, stress.

5. Hematite

This stone is helpful in condensing your feelings, giving mental clarity, enhancing concentration. It is mostly used to deflect away the negativity.

6. Jade

Jade stone has been revered by humans from thousands of years. Ancient Chinese considered it the stone of health, harmony, longevity. It is particularly useful in boosting courage, wisdom, mercy, justice, love, stamina, fidelity, peace, generosity, humanity. Many use it to get rid of the negative thoughts. It can also be beneficial for the heart (physical and spiritual heart both). It is mostly used to bound oneself with the energies of the earth.

7. Obsidian

It is a very strong grounding stone which brings out your objectivity and dis-attachment. It is mostly used to convert the darkness into the white light.

This was our selection of 7 best protection crystals. Do you have any others to add? Please let us know in the comments section!

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