Most of us are familiar with the disappointment that comes when you feel that the person you think is your twin flame straight up ignores you.

And they do so without even knowing you first, it giving you a single chance to put your best foot forward. Hard as it might seem, it is pretty common and 80% of the people say they have experienced something of the sorts.

The reason behind the cold shoulder

The first thing that you need to know is that this treatment is not because of you or anything you may or may not have done. It is because they too sense the immense tug towards you and this frightens them a little.

If they are ignoring you, it is not because they are rude; rather they are in denial because they don’t feel comfortable in opening up to someone. And this is not simply a matter of sharing intimacy. They know that if they get too close, they will lower their defenses when faced with the power of your connection and they might just not be ready to take that step yet.

In such situations, the only way forward is if you back down from the chase. Relentlessly pursuing them when they clearly want to avoid you would just seem like harassment. You don’t have to worry of your flame getting extinguished.

Once a twin flame connection is established, it never dies down or fades away. It might not be easy dealing with the rejection. Because your twin flame is a part of you and coming from them it’d be even more hurtful.

But, in such situations you need to show them that you can be in control. If you come off as whiny by repeatedly going after them, it will only drive them further away.

Instead if you show them that you are a mature individual, who has high standards, they’d be forced to reckon you. When you increase your self- respect, your personal energy too gets a boost. Your vibes become brighter and being your twin flame they feel it too.

This will not just make them appreciate you, but your rise in esteem will reflect in them as well because you are twin Flames. This will definitely help them in dealing with the things that they have buried deep within themselves and are too afraid to show.

Moreover, when you waste your precious energy in going after someone who wants nothing to do with you; you dim your inner spark. This is a treachery to yourself. Instead, if you decide to focus on yourself and your growth, you will find it easier to move beyond these disappointments. And once you have reached that, you will realize that your flame is burning brighter than ever and your twin flame will have to respond.

In this way you will be able to realize the potential within you and therefore help your twin flame as well in reaching their maximum potential.

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