Most of us live in countries that can with pride call themselves Independent. A liberation that gives us a sense of being free, but quite often a false one. 

Yes, it’s undeniably freeing to be able to breathe with full lung capacity, not fearing what tomorrow might bring, but real independence comes when people’s souls are liberated and free.

In the same way that one country takes over another and colonizes it, for many of us, our souls have been conquered by the earthly trappings of our flesh and mind.

Soul sours high

We tend to forget that we are more than just this physical self. The core of our being is the soul and when we free it from the limitations of this self, it can transcend time and space to feel the full power of creation.

Those we call saints and mystics can also be termed soul scientists. They have felt this power and explored it. They knew then that we are more soul than body.

The soul has the power to move through different planes of the spiritual world that our body cannot access. Travelling in this manner can help it reunite with the Divine from which all creation emerges. The soul scientists experience this through different practices like prayer and meditation.

We can all experience this when we get away from all the noise of this world and, keeping our eyes, closed concentrate on our inner selves and the touch of the Divine.

The first thing that happens is the opening of the third eye which allows us to see the divine light which was withheld from us before. By becoming fully absorbed in this, the soul can rise above this world and enter the realms of the spirit till it is absorbed into the love and power of the Divine.

Inner Freedom

No matter which country you belong to and no matter which day you celebrate your independence, remember that you must also try to become independent within. Meditate on the light that emanates from your own soul and you too can be one with the Divine.

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