For a long time, there was barely any discussion on the issues people have with anxiety. It still surprises many that there are people who experience anxiety even when doing things as trivial as going to the store.

It is a difficult disorder to deal with but there are a few powers that come with it that have been scientifically proven to exist.

Keep reading to find out which superpowers people with anxiety possess.

Living with anxiety

1. Increased empathy

People with anxiety disorder are constantly trying to understand their own feelings. This puts them in a position empathize with those they interact with. Others who don’t have to overcome this difficulty don’t possess such empathic skills and they are not able to relate with people so well.

2. Increased IQ

Anxiety makes you repeatedly go over and analyze all your previous experiences and think of others ways those situations could have ended. A higher than average IQ is required to dissect and rationalize all that information. Scientists in NY have conducted studies that also prove this.

3. Lie detectors

People with anxiety generally exercise a lot of caution in the things they do and say. As a side effect, they become excellent at detecting falsehoods. They are always analyzing situations so they can tell when something is off.

4. Life-saving instincts

Their habit of taking apart any situation and analyzing all the ways it could go helps them notice anything dangerous immediately. This sharpens their instinctual ability to respond to danger quickly and efficiently. Their brains can spot anything threatening within 200 milliseconds.

5. Sensing other people’s energy

Their sharper than usual intuitive abilities work brilliantly when they wish to understand the kind of vibe a person is radiating, be it positive or negative. They can instantly tell when someone around them is struggling to throw off some toxic vibrations.

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