This goes to my Imperfect family: THANK YOU!

I haven’t been married yet but after talking to many people who are, I’ve understood that marriage is not easy.

It is supposed to be the blessed bond between two lovers there are many factors which can make it difficult to keep this bond from severing. And I have seen this for myself.

When I was young, I thought life was as good as it could get. I didn’t know anything other than happiness. Through the veneer of childhood, I saw my mother and father always in love with each other and with their children. It was beautiful.

And then one day, when I was still just a child, my parents told me the truth. It was so carefully concealed that I could never have figured it out on my own. It would have never crossed my mind that you would cheat on her.

It felt like I had been living a lie all that time. It was like the rug had been pulled out from under me. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t been told because I was full of happiness up till then but I know that I would not try to undo what happened.

Now that I am older and I have been through relationships for myself, I know how hard it can get. I can even appreciate the courage it took to tell us the truth once we were mature enough to grasp it. It taught us the reality of life.

And most of all, I appreciate my mother even more for being a rock through all of it. I am grateful that you were able to sort it out and not get divorced. I know now that life can take you to unexpected places sometimes.

I can see that you are ashamed of what you did and that you would be angry if you found out that any man had done the same to me. But the strength I saw my mother exhibit gave me what I needed to deal with my own issues and it has taught me that sometimes I just need to let go.

In the end, because of all of this, I have learned that I should always be truthful and I just wish that whoever I marry will do the same for me.

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