If you truly love your partner, you’ll never feel the need to cover up your text messages. You won’t have to save contacts with made up names and make secret phone calls that you need to hide from them.

Using a dating app or website, even if it is just to make yourself feel good, won’t even cross your mind. You’ll not even bother trying to flirt with someone else, not even innocently.

You’ll never want to go back to being single, looking for more people who are attracted to you. Your behavior clearly tells people that you are with someone.

Getting drunk and using that to be unfaithful or even to just flirt won’t be an option. Your exes know that they no longer have any chances with you, and so does everyone else.

When you argue with your partner, you come back and sort it out with them instead of jumping to the nearest available person to get your revenge.

You know you have your partner’s full and undivided attention so you don’t act out by flirting or threatening to leave just to get a rise out of them. You are physically and emotionally faithful to them, even in the smallest of ways because you know that you never want to lose them.

You are serious about your relationship and you work hard to make it stronger. Both of you are kind and trusting with each other. What is more, you are completely faithful to each other.

Here is what loyal truly means:

  1. Never go public with things that could make your partner feel ashamed.
  2. Keep their secrets no matter what.
  3. Respect each other’s strengths and weakness and help each other grow.
  4. Putting each other’s needs first at all times.
  5. Knowing that you’ve got each other’s backs.
  6. Always honoring your promises.
  7. Never criticize your partner to others. Even when you discuss your issues with a confidante, do it in a manner that doesn’t put unnecessary blame on them.

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